Joshua Coburn on overcoming hardship

Resonating loudly with today’s youth, Joshua Coburn’s stretched ear lobes, tattoos and subdermal implants would seemingly hinder the success of many, however, in Coburn’s case; these aesthetic traits give him a unique advantage as a youth speaker. Students see an authentic figure in Coburn, who is vastly different from the many speakers they’re accustomed to hearing lecture them on how best to address their current hardships-all the while feeling as if there is no mutual connection or understanding. Joshua’s genuine message rings loud and clear with high school students all over the US, fostering positive change in his wake. Coburn addresses complex teen issues such as teen depression and anxiety, drug abuse, suicide, self-esteem, and bullying in an exciting & interactive manner which allows his story to be felt as much as heard, all while creating unity amongst the student body. In order to experience the full effect of this amazing campaign, it must be witnessed personally. Book Joshua Coburn’s Manners and Motivation Tour 2014 for your school today!

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