Alex Olinkiewicz and Dr. Richard O’Connell, co-authors of “In My Mind: A Journey Through My Life with Asperger’s/Autism”

Alex Olinkiewicz was born and in Long Island, New York. He is a young adult diagnosed with Asperger’s from infancy. His successful YouTube video, IN MY MIND, with over 1,270,000 views, has inspired him to write his journey through life dealing with Asperger’s/Autism. Alex wants to share his experiences and most importantly his message so that people like himself with Asperger’s will be treated as equals, and calmly given more respect, and not considered as just plain odd people who want to get their way.

Alex explains, “My insights and graphics which metaphorically explain my Asperger’s are all mine. They are unique and this capacity to explain who I am and what makes we people with Aperger’s tick is the gift I have as an Autistic person.”

Dr Richard O’Connell is a New York State Counselor of the Year and an award winning author. He has received numerous awards for his innovative programs and professional publications dealing with all aspects of guidance services.

His award winning books are “Motivating Kids to the Max” and “The Secrets to Being a Great School Counselor”.

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