Atlanta. 1979. Twenty-Nine African-American Children Are Kidnapped and Murdered. The Case is Never Solved. “The Atlanta Child Murders” on Investigation Discovery Revisits an Emotional Chapter of National History

Ric Speaks with Popular Atlanta Radio Personality Frank Ski
Who Interviewed the Only Suspect. Hear His
Personal Theories on the Case 

The Atlanta Child Murders
Saturday, March 23,
at 10pm, 9pm CT,
only on
Investigation Discovery
In 1979, Atlanta is turning towards an era of peaceful prosperity following the wounds of segregation and the Civil Rights Movement conflict — but the city is jolted when two 14-year-old boys go missing and their remains are found a few days later, with one boy shot and the other strangled. The incident begins a horrifying 23 months with a total of 29 African-American children being stolen from their families and killed. Multiple suspicions lead nowhere and decades later, no person has been tried for these murders.

In 1981 police narrow their sights on 23-year-old Wayne Williams, a black man suspected of killing two adults in the Atlanta area. After the longest trial in Georgia’s history, Williams was convicted of the adult murders and sentenced to two consecutive life terms but he was never tried for the murders of the children. The public jumped to place him as the culprit, but was he a scapegoat? Investigation Discovery’s new three-hour special The Atlanta Child Murdersexplores whether Wayne Williams was truly responsible for these crimes or if something far more sinister was at play in the heart of the South.

Often called “the Voice of Atlanta,” radio host Frank Skiis featured prominently in The Atlanta Child Murders. During his imprisonment, Wayne Williams reached out to Frank to be interviewed – and the interview that followed sparked controversy throughout Atlanta among those who thought Wayne was responsible for the crimes and others who questioned his guilt. Frank can discuss his experience interviewing Wayne Williams and his personal theories on the Atlanta Child Murders. For more information, visit:

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