INTENTIONAL SUCCESS is written for the aspiring entrepreneur, business professional, the dreamer and the doer, business or franchise owner and high-performing achiever. Taken from actual life lessons, the book provides a real-world viewpoint on what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur today.
• Expand your reach with the Twelve Intangibles of Success. • Face your fears and find out what happens when you risk it all to succeed. • Learn valuable lessons, leadership tips and the do’s and don’ts in scaling your business. • Harness the power of persistence to manage a sustainable business. • Differentiate your brand and create your own story. • Work together with your spouse.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Brad Taylor has a purpose and passion for business, sharing over 40 years of experience, 25 dedicated to serving the real estate industry. Immersing himself in innovative strategies to create awesome results for small businesses, he guides individuals and organizations towards achieving their ultimate goals. With formidable insight into the challenges and opportunities that come from making mistakes and overcoming them, Brad and his wife, Cathy, share their motivational wisdom about taking a risk and owning it. Using “Twelve Intangibles of Success,” they introduce their platform for inspiring others with their belief in Intentional

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