Cavity prevention with Dr. Roger Lucas

Dr. Roger Lucas has created a new way of thinking about cavity prevention that is a diet-first based approach. With over 60% of children in America getting cavities by age 5, the old way of thinking about cavity prevention has not been getting the desired results. Dr. Lucas’ goal is to help stop the cycle of parents getting surprised by cavities. With a degree in biochemistry from the University of Washington, he uses the laws of nutrition and microbiology to simplify getting zero cavities. As a practicing pediatric dentist north of Seattle, he has helped thousands of families achieve zero cavities. As a father of three, he can make it practical. His mission is to help children everywhere avoid cavities through proactive, practical steps.
His first book, More Chocolate, No Cavities, will help change the way you think about cavities for the better and keep your child away from the needle and drill.

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