Celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Director’s Tim Burton’s Beloved Masterpiece with the Limited Edition Blu-ray Giftset and a Magnificent Topiary Dog Groomed by Award-Winning Groomer Cat Opson!

Cat joins Ric to discuss the commemoration of the Academy Award winning film.

Johnny Depp delivers the performance of a lifetime as Edward, an irresistibly charming creation with razor-sharp metal hands and a heart of gold. Edward’s lonely life in a Gothic castle changes forever when he meets a kindhearted Avon Lady (Dianne Wiest), who takes him to a pastel paradise known as Suburbia. Thanks to his fantastic talents, Edward becomes a neighborhood sensation, but when he falls in love with Kim (Winona Ryder), he must go to extraordinary lengths to protect her.

The beautifully restored Edward Scissorhands: 25th Anniversary Blu-ray™ showcases Burton’s magical use of color, light and shadow. The romantic dark comedy is considered Burton’s most personal and favorite work. The giftset comes with the remastered Blu-ray, paper dolls, a heart shaped cookie cutter and a topiary air freshener that smells like fresh cut grass.

Catherine (Cat) Opson is owner of Southern California’s Estrella Pet Grooming and an award winning groomer known internationally for her beautiful creative grooming designs. Like Burton’s mystical masterpiece, she skillfully sculpts and colors her dog’s hair into bright, living canvases that proudly display her artwork.

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