Could You Survive the Movies? Could you survive the lightning strike from Back to the Future? Could you survive being swallowed whole by a giant bug from Men in Black?

Ric’s Guest, Imaginative and Intrepid Jake Roper combines his love
for cinema and science to see what would really happen if,
scientifically, you could survive what you see on the silver screen.

His bold YouTube series Could You Survive The Movies
premieres October 21st and investigates whether
you could survive some of the most iconic films.  
Could You Survive The Movies is dedicated to exploring the magic and science of iconic movie scenes. In each episode, YouTube creator and host Jake Roper takes you on an immersive journey into the world of a different movie; blending unscripted scientific exploration with narrative storytelling. From the jungles of Jumanji, to the vastness of space in Alien, you are transported to an exciting cinematic experience filled with mind-blowing experiments like what would happen if you actually jumped in a DeLoreon and went back in time a la Back to the Future? Find out in season one of Could You Survive The Movies!

The science behind Mad Max is explored in the pilot episode. Jake also scientifically tests out Jumanji, Back to the Future, Men in Black, Alien, Die Hard, and Ghostbusters.

Colorado native Jake Roper is the host and producer for Vsauce3, where he shares his excitement for the real-life science behind gaming, movies, comics, and more via ultra-cinematic explorations. As a member of the Vsauce network, which has amassed more than two billion lifetime views and some 24 million subscribers worldwide to become the largest educational network on the internet, Jake and his partners are on the cutting edge when it comes to fostering curiosity, creativity and exploration in learners of all ages.

What makes Jake so curious about the world? Not an easy question, but it may be worth noting that when Jake was 8 years-old, he watched every medical and surgery video the library had.
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