Drugs, a Reality of Pain!

Drugs, a Reality of Pain! Is a compelling IDEA that journeys the reader down an avenue, that discourages the experimentation of hard drug use, of which according to the 2017 World Drug Report “It is estimated that a quarter of a billion people, or 5 percent of the adult population ages 15 and 64 years, used drugs at least once in 2015. (range: 158 million to 351 million) Globally, and out of that number 29.5 million people (range: 15.3 million to 43.1 million, are estimated to suffer from drug use disorder)”.  It is these masses of people and those who are unaccounted for’ and the CURIOUS ones whose lives are on the borderline of becoming drug slaves, sex slaves and possibly worse is the motivation behind this communique that is brimming with words of a convincing nature for dissuading the adult, kid, and young adult population. In this work, the author dives right into some very attractive and timely history about the opium and coca plants, and about the popular Cannabis sativa, and thereafter right into a gutsy message developed out of observation and experience that flows naturally to real-life situations.https://www.amazon.com/Drugs-Reality-Pain-Kenneth-Wimbley/dp/1504915038

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