Watch as Dusty, Stalled Car Projects Are Transformed to Beloved, Road-Ready Machines in the Hit Series Garage Squad!

From a 1949 Mercury to a 1965 Chevy C10,
Watch as Abandoned Classics Come Back to
Automotive Grandeur with the Help of a
Team of Experts 

Ric Catches Up with Lead Mechanic Joe Zolper and
Find Out What’s in Store for the Exciting Season Finale! 

This season, the GARAGE SQUAD helps a new crop of car aficionados who have brought back a less-than-perfect version of their dream car. People whose dreams of automotive grandeur were wrecked by a lack of money, time and know-how, leaving garages cluttered with cars, parts and tools gathering dust. Fortunately, these well-meaning automotive enthusiasts are setting pride aside and opening their garage doors to the Garage Squad. The team are always up for the challenge of rebuilding and engine, rejuvenating bodywork, reconstructing upholstery or doing whatever it takes to bring joyful tears to even the most hardened car owners.

Joe Zolper is the lead mechanic on GARAGE SQUAD. Living in Joliet, Illinois with his wife and daughter, Joe is the owner of Prison City Choppers. Born into a family of mechanics, Joe has wanted to be a mechanic since he was in third grade. He began working independently at the age of 18, getting his hands on anything with a motor. He was 23 when he opened Prison City Choppers and the shop is now one of the largest custom shops in the Midwest, having won multiple awards including “People’s Interest” and “Best in Show” from “World of Wheels” and “Super Cycles.”

Ric talks with Joe about some of his favorite Garage Squad transformations and owner reactions, some of his favorite cars that he’s worked on, and what viewers can expect from the show’s dramatic season finale. For more information, visit:

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