A Teenage Girl with the Ability to Teleport Learns to Control Her Power in the Hit Sci-Fi Drama IMPULSE

From the Director of The Bourne Identity and
Edge of Tomorrow, the YouTube Original Series 
Is Back for Season 2
Ric Catches Up with One of the Stars of the Series,
Missi Pyle In the popular young-adult sci-fi drama Impulse from producer/director Doug Liman (The Bourne Identity), Henrietta “Henry” Coles is a rebellious 17-year-old girl who always felt different from her peers and longs to escape from her seemingly quaint small town. During a traumatic event, Henry discovers she has the extraordinary ability to teleport, and must learn to control her new-found powers — before she’s caught by those who want to control her. Following more than 55 million views of the first episode of season 1, Impulse is now available with an all new season. Missi Pyle stars as Henry’s mother, Cleo Coles, who struggles to connect with her daughter.  Missi made her film debut opposite Jack Nicolson in As Good As It Gets, followed by a memorable role as an alien in the sci-fi spoof Galaxy Quest.  She also appeared in the 2019 horror film Ma with Octavia Spencer, Gone Girl, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Dodgeball, Josie & The Pussycats, and the Best Picture Academy Award-winning film, The Artist.  When she’s not acting, Missi enjoys playing music with her band Smith & Pyle, which released the debut album “It’s Okay to Be Happy” and performed to sold-out audiences in New York, LA and San Francisco. Missi also has a new podcast called “The Mother Load” with actress Constance Zimmer (Unreal, Entourage) about the humorous realities of parenting.For more information, visit:

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