WHAT IS THE SCARIEST THING IN THE WORLD? Everyone is Scared of SOMETHING … But is there Something EVERYONE is Scared of?

Just in time for Halloween, Michael Stevens Sets Out
to Find What We Fear in His Mind Field Special
What Is the Scariest Thing?

Is it heights, needles, sharks, or something else entirely? What elicits fear and panic in everyone, regardless of age, gender or background? What is the scariest thing?

In a very special in-depth episode of YouTube’s Mind Field from Vsauce, Michael Stevens asks where fear comes from and uncovers why fear is such a fundamental and important part of being human. He also asks why … do we sometimes even enjoy it?

By talking with experts in the field, analyzing horror film tropes, and conducting scientific demonstrations on how fears can be created, Michael will take viewers on a rollercoaster of terror to understand a core psychological principle that all humans share.

Michael is one of the most popular YouTubers in the world and brings mainstream appeal to science communication. He is the founder of educational media company Vsauce, whose videos and products reach more than a million people every day. He is the creator and presenter of the successful YouTube Premium series Mind Field and under his guidance, Vsauce’s suite of educational networks has reached more than 24 million subscribers. He is an honorary member of Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Honor Society, and his videos have led him to present several TED talks and collaborations with David Attenborough, Adam Savage, and other big names in the scientific world. 
Now available on You Tube Channel, Vsauce1 and YouTube.com/Learning

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