5 Benefits of Eating Vegetables, 4 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism & Why We Should Favor Organic with Susan Smith Jones, PhD

If you have been trying in vain to lose weight and keep it off; or if you are confused about the best foods to consume to bolster your energy and vitality; or if you are confused about the difference between organic and non-organic foods and if there’s really much of a difference; or if you simply want to fine-tune your health program and incorporate some simple and effective, easy-to-implement changes that will have lots of positive and rewarding benefits for your health, then today’s show is for you.
We’ll cover a variety of topics today, an eclectic approach guaranteed to keep your attention from start to finish. Our guest today is holistic health expert Susan Smith Jones, PhD. Many things she’ll share with us today might very well improve your lifestyle, put a bounce back in your step and get you feeling confident and in control of your weight and wellness. • BooksToUplift.comSusanSmithJones.com

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