Culinary Spices Discover the Healing Secrets in Your Spice Rack

For thousands of years, mankind has relied entirely on plants, herbs, and spices to treat illnesses both minor and serious. On every continent, stretching back centuries, native cultures turned to indigenous plants to develop healing remedies. Over 4,500 years ago, Chinese and Native Americans began to organize bodies of knowledge about the medicinal properties of herbs and spices. In this interview with our guest Dr. Susan Smith Jones, we will feature some of her favorite culinary herbs, why they are beneficial for the body, and suggest ways to use them in food. She has been studying the healing benefits of spices and culinary herbs for over 30 years and imparts her knowledge on this subject worldwide. Today she is eager to enlighten us on how we can all discover the healing secrets of our spice racks.

For more information on which spices to use with different foods and The Healing Power of Culinary Herbs & Spices, refer to Susan’s website. In her navigation bar, go to RECIPES and click on Susan’s Seasoning Suggestions for Common Foods.

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