Daylight Saving Time Sleep Tips with Dr. Michael Breus, “The Sleep Doctor”

For Many of Us, Spring Forward = Lost Sleep.
Learn How to Adjust to the Time Change and
Develop Better Sleep Habits Overall.

The Sleep Doctor Joins Ric To Teach You
the 5 Best Ways to Relax Before Bed, so you’ll Sleep Better and
Wake Up Looking More Refreshed!

We are preparing to “spring forward” with Daylight Saving Time on March 11. Yet statistics show Americans are still not getting enough sleep. The old adage “getting your beauty rest” is more important than many might think. Dr. Breus can explain how to combat that lost hour of sleep during the time change, how sleep directly affects your skin health and appearance, and how to fall asleep faster and wake feeling more rested all year long.

Dr. Breus, “The Sleep Doctor” will share his five tips for getting that elusive goodnight’s sleep:

* Understanding your routine and developing a sleep schedule (work, exercise, socializing)

* How to reduce the effect of Blue light – the glare emitted from the screens of our phones, tablets and computers – that’s been proven to disrupt sleep patterns

* Sticking to cut-off times for caffeine and alcohol consumption

* Getting some Sunshine each Morning

* Utilizing This Works Deep Sleep and Sleep Plus Pillow Sprays

Dr. Breus believes in the science behind This Works pillow sprays. Deep Sleep pillow spray was developed to help you fall asleep faster and wake feeling more rested. Sleep Plus pillow spray was developed to help restore healthy sleep patterns for restless sleepers. Both sprays are fast-acting natural remedies to help restore normal sleep patterns.

Michael J. Breus, PhD, is a clinical psychologist, best selling author and both a diplomate of the American Board of Sleep Medicine and a fellow of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. He is the official sleep representative of WebMD. Breus works in private practice with athletes, celebrities and trains other sleep doctors, in addition to being a sought-after expert to discuss sleep issues.
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Updated: March 7, 2018 — 9:42 am

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