Explore the Vibrant and Varied Food & Culture of America’s Immigrant Communities in: No Passport Required

Whet Your Appetite and Travel Across the U.S.
with Chef Marcus Samuelsson as He Celebrates the
Diverse Culture and Cuisine of America.  He joins Ric on This Week in America
No Passport Required returns to PBS with renowned chef and executive producer Marcus Samuelsson visiting new cities to explore the rich diversity of immigrant traditions and cuisines woven into American food and culture.

Season 2 premieres with new episodes on Mondays, January 20-February 17, 2020. The series first travels to the foothills north of Los Angeles where the largest Armenian community outside of the homeland resides and Marcus meets Armenians from Russia, Lebanon, Syria, Ethiopia and Egypt. He travels to Houston, America’s most diverse city, and home to one of the highest numbers of West African expatriates of any U.S. city. In Philadelphia, Marcus feels like he is walking back in time as he is embraced by Italian Americans whose families have thrived for generations. Other episodes focus on the Chinese American community in Las Vegas, which has grown tremendously over the last 20 years, and Boston, where Marcus explores Portuguese-speaking cultures and cuisines from three different locales.

In each city, Marcus will visit local restaurants, markets and family homes, learning about each community’s cuisine and heritage. No Passport Required, produced for PBS by Eater and Vox Media Studios, is part of special programming focused on America’s history, food and culture premiering January-March 2020 on PBS.

An immigrant himself — born in Ethiopia, raised in Sweden, now a celebrated chef, restaurateur, author and resident of Harlem — Marcus Samuelsson is passionate about sharing and celebrating the food of America’s vibrant communities. Each episode shows how important food can be in bringing Americans — old and new — together around the table. “I’m so happy to present this second season of No Passport Required,” says. Samuelsson. “We have only begun to scratch the surface of the amazing range of immigrant cultures and cuisines found in the U.S. It’s exciting to go on this journey once again and bring attention to these diverse communities that contribute so much to our nation.” For more information, visit: 

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