Foods to Support Brain Health with Dr. Susan Smith Jones

While we might not be able to be in control of all aspects concerning our personal brain health since genetics are involved, we can certainly choose which foods to eat and which to eschew to help maximize our brains’ abilities well into old age.As Dr. Susan writes in her new book Wired for High Level Wellness, it has been well-established in recent decades that the brain and gut are related, the gut often being referred to as a “second brain” or a “second nervous system.”Although it’s not the same as the brain in that it doesn’t “think”, it does have over 100,000 neurons, and, therefore, like the brain, determines our mood. So it’s not just our physical health that foods affect but our mental and emotional health as well.On today’s show, Susan will feature some foods to avoid and the best foods to include in your diet if you want vibrant wellness and brain vitality well into older age. •

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