Ghost Hunters returns with all new investigations at America’s famously haunted locations Wednesdays 9 pm ET/PT on Syfy. Ric talks with paranormal investigators Jason Hawes & Steve Gonsalves about their extraordinary explorations.

Syfy’s hit series Ghost Hunters celebrates its tenth season with brand new paranormal cases and supernatural experiences from their investigations across the country. Ghost Hunters follows the work of TAPS, The Atlantic Paranormal Society. Jason Hawes founded TAPS. Steve Gonsalves, a former police officer, is the lead investigator at TAPS and co-founder of the TAPS publication, Paramagazine.

The new season kicks off in Kentucky as the team heads out on the American Whiskey Trail to investigate the Wild Turkey Distillery. It’s believed that the spirits of founding family members are behind the activity at this spirits plant. Other episodes will take the team to New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Missouri among other destinations.

Ghost Hunters celebrated its 200th episode last October. This season, the series brings back two fan favorite investigators – Dustin Pari and KJ McCormick.

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