Ron Perlman. Best known for his six-year run as Clay Morrow in the popular TV series Sons of Anarchy and as the title character in the Hellboy film franchise, Ron Pelman is a busy actor with lots of new projects in the works. His latest television series is the dramatic thriller…Hand Of God premiering Friday September 4th exclusively for Amazon Prime Members

The Amazon Original Series centers on Judge Pernell Harris (Perlman), a hard-living, law-bending married man with a high-end call girl on the side, who suffers a mental breakdown and goes on a vigilante quest to find the man who raped his daughter-in-law and tore his family apart. With no real evidence to go on, Pernell begins to rely on “visions” and “messages” he believes are being sent by God through Pernell’s ventilator-bound son, PJ, who attempts suicide shortly after his wife, Jocelyn, is raped in front of him. Is he inspired or is he insane? Hand of God also stars Dana Delany (Body of Proof) as the Judge’s protective wife.

An award winning actor, Ron Perlman has moved seamlessly between the worlds of film, television, and theater for four decades. The nineties marked the beginning of what would become signature collaboration with the brilliant Guillermo Del Toro. Their first film together, Cronos, won the Critics Award at Cannes and projected Guillermo into film history. They next did Blade II, which established Del Toro’s box office success and allowed him to launch the Hellboy franchise, which found Ron in the title role. Ron and Guillermo continue their collaboration to this day, most recently with Pacific Rim and The Book of Life.

Ron recently penned a memoir entitled Easy Street (The Hard Way). In the critically acclaimed memoir, he reveals how he has enjoyed an enviable four-decade career in an unforgiving Hollywood that rarely embraces longevity.

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