Angry Planet star and climate expert George Kourounis is a storm chaser who covered Hurricane Katrina. He asks and answers: Have we learned from Katrina’s mistakes?

Hurricane Katrina:

*Thousands displaced or Dead
*$108 Billion in Property Damage *Catastrophic Failure of Levees
*A Killer Storm Surge
*An Area the Size of the U.K. Declared a Disaster
Have We Learned from Hurricane Katrina’s Mistakes and Will We Be Ready for the Next Disaster?
World Renowned Storm Chaser and Angry Planet Star
George Kourounis
Is an Expert on our Planet’s
Changing Environment.
He Rode Out Katrina in a
Parking Structure.
Now He’s Looking Back and to the Future while Providing a Unique Perspective on the Impact of Climate Change.

It’s been ten years since Hurricane Katrina wrecked havoc on the Gulf Coast and the city of New Orleans. The category 5 storm is the third most intense hurricane to hit the U.S. Much was discussed in its aftermath, but one aspect that has not received as much attention is climate change. How did it contribute to the storm? What impact has climate change had on rebuilding – if any? And what lessons have we learned about our environment since the devastating hurricane?

Angry Planet star George Kourounis not only experienced the storm first hand, but he’s also an expert on our planet’s ever-changing environment. His passion for taking action on climate change provides a unique perspective on Hurricane Katrina. He can speak about the damage to the Gulf Coast and New Orleans and discuss the the rebuilding and recovery.

Project Katrina: A Decade of Resilience in New Orleans is a weeklong campaign on with stories and exclusive videos of rebuilding NOLA’s neighborhoods, infrastructure, health care system, and more. Pivot Network will air themed programming the week of the anniversary, August 24-29, including airings of The Big Uneasy and Angry Planet.

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