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Need to recycle wrapping paper, styrofoam, bubble wrap or that old electronic device to make room for a new one? Want to host dinner parties but reduce food waste and save cash by making ingredients and leftovers last longer? How about ideas for sustainable holiday gifts? Google Offers Tips for Planet-Conscious Choices this Holiday Season and Beyond

Google’s Sustainability Officer Kate Brandt (The Nation’s first Chief Sustainability Officer Appointed by Pres. Obama)Joins Ric to Share Tips & Tools That Help the Environment and Save Money It’s time for the holidays and many people may wonder how they can make more sustainable choices this season, whether that’s reducing food waste, buying sustainable gifts, or […]

Angry Planet star and climate expert George Kourounis is a storm chaser who covered Hurricane Katrina. He asks and answers: Have we learned from Katrina’s mistakes?

Hurricane Katrina: *Thousands displaced or Dead *$108 Billion in Property Damage *Catastrophic Failure of Levees *A Killer Storm Surge *An Area the Size of the U.K. Declared a Disaster Have We Learned from Hurricane Katrina’s Mistakes and Will We Be Ready for the Next Disaster? World Renowned Storm Chaser and Angry Planet Star George Kourounis […]

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