Need to recycle wrapping paper, styrofoam, bubble wrap or that old electronic device to make room for a new one? Want to host dinner parties but reduce food waste and save cash by making ingredients and leftovers last longer? How about ideas for sustainable holiday gifts? Google Offers Tips for Planet-Conscious Choices this Holiday Season and Beyond

Google’s Sustainability Officer Kate Brandt (The Nation’s first Chief Sustainability Officer Appointed by Pres. Obama)
Joins Ric to Share Tips & Tools That Help the Environment and Save Money 

It’s time for the holidays and many people may wonder how they can make more sustainable choices this season, whether that’s reducing food waste, buying sustainable gifts, or recycling wrapping paper, batteries or old electronic devices replaced by newer gifts. Kate Brandt, Google’s Sustainability Officer, is here to share tips and tools that can help you have a more positive impact on the planet this holiday season, while often saving money at the same time.

Among the topics Kate discusses:

*How to find localized information about what’s recyclable and where to recycle it.
*Everyday tips and tricks for making more sustainable choices.
*Advice for stocking your refrigerator the right way (so your holiday leftovers don’t go bad!)
*Sustainable gift ideas.
*Recipes for turning leftovers into delicious dishes.

As Google’s Sustainability Officer, Kate partners with Google’s data centers, real estate, supply chain, and product teams to ensure the company is capitalizing on opportunities to strategically advance sustainability. In 2014, President Obama appointed Kate to serve as the Federal Environmental Executive and she became the Nation’s first Federal Chief Sustainability Officer, responsible for promoting sustainability across Federal Government operations. Kate is the recipient of the Distinguished Public Service Award, the highest award the U.S. Navy can give to a civilian, for her work helping the Navy go green. Elle Magazine named her a top woman leading the charge to protect our environment, and Forbes listed her as one of the top sustainability leaders. 

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