Ric talks with hurricane specialist, storm surge expert and New Orleans native: The Weather Channel’s Michael Lowry from Gulfport, MS

Ten years after Katrina…

What will happen if a hurricane the magnitude of katrina hits 50 years from now?
How will climate change affect major cities?

The Weather Channel will mark the 10 year anniversary of one of America’s worst natural disasters with the special Katrina 2065 Premiering Thursday August 26th at 8pm ET/PT.

With the changing climate reshaping the world’s weather, the future-focused presentation will take viewers on a scientific journey through likely scenarios that could take place if Hurricane Katrina hit 50 years from now and provide insights on how climate change will affect three major cities on the Gulf.

Katrina 2065 will be hosted by Sam Champion with Jim Cantore and Michael Lowry. Katrina caused devastation that many had never seen before in the U.S. Looking at future problems and solutions and the potentially dangerous effects of climate change, the program asks – could we endure this again?

The Weather Channel’s Hurricane Specialist Michael Lowry was a forecaster and research scientist at the NOAA’s National Hurricane Center before joining the network. The New Orleans native grew up along the Mississippi river and has always had a fascination with hurricanes. Lowry is also a leading expert in storm surge.

For more information on Katrina 2065, please visit: www.weather.com

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