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Ric talks with hurricane specialist, storm surge expert and New Orleans native: The Weather Channel’s Michael Lowry from Gulfport, MS

Ten years after Katrina… What will happen if a hurricane the magnitude of katrina hits 50 years from now? How will climate change affect major cities? The Weather Channel will mark the 10 year anniversary of one of America’s worst natural disasters with the special Katrina 2065 Premiering Thursday August 26th at 8pm ET/PT. With […]

Angry Planet star and climate expert George Kourounis is a storm chaser who covered Hurricane Katrina. He asks and answers: Have we learned from Katrina’s mistakes?

Hurricane Katrina: *Thousands displaced or Dead *$108 Billion in Property Damage *Catastrophic Failure of Levees *A Killer Storm Surge *An Area the Size of the U.K. Declared a Disaster Have We Learned from Hurricane Katrina’s Mistakes and Will We Be Ready for the Next Disaster? World Renowned Storm Chaser and Angry Planet Star George Kourounis […]

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