Helping people put their stories into words with Julie K Parrott, author of “Cost of Truth”

In 1988 Julie was recognized in the Women’s Register for her contribution to the Northern Territory community. In 2000 she was awarded the Australian Sports Medal and 2011 awarded The Chief Minister’s Medal for Outstanding Service to the public sector.

As a mother to three daughters, Julie spent most of her adult life in the Northern Territory of Australia, playing and coaching tennis and taking an active role in the delivery of public policy. It was during this time Julie also gave her spare time to assisting members of the community in writing their heartfelt thoughts for special occasions.

In 2011, Julie, along with her partner, and beloved pets moved to Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. She now spends her time penning anecdotes, travelling and sharing her life with her partner, daughters, six grandchildren and good friends.

Julie remains committed to helping people put into words the stories they have to tell, believing it is the honest battlers from the suburbs who have some of the most sensitive, interesting and fascinating tales to share.

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