How to Educate Your Children in the 21st Century by Clynie Huggins

Education can be defined as the act or process of acquiring knowledge to develop understanding, reasoning, and judging to be used in any area. Education can be perceived as a life line to quality life. This means that education should be effective, efficient, adequate and powerful. Education can be viewed as the key to success. If success depends upon education, then we as parents want the highest quality of education for our children. We as educators and parents should lead and guide our children effectively in the twenty first century in order to meet the changes and challenges in our schools, communities, and this society.

The author, Clynie Huggins was reared in a small rural community in Wharton, TX. She received her education in public schools in this small rural town. Her favorite hobbies were reading, writing, sewing and playing the piano. Of course, she didn’t realize then, that she would become a teacher. At night when everything was quiet Clynie would get her comprehension book and write about the things that happened during the day, starting with the morning and ending at night. On the week-ends, she would visit her grandparents and they would always have interesting stories to tell of their childhood. Clynie would listen and take notes and add these notes to her comprehension book. These notes became real stories. Clynie begin to dream of helping others with her talents of reading and writing. So when she graduated from high school, she moved to Houston, TX. and began her career by enrolling in college in Home Economics. She graduated with a Bachelor of Degree in Home Economics and became a substitute teacher. She chose elementary schools to teach in. Clynie enjoyed teaching in elementary schools. This inspired her to get a second Bachelor of Degree in Elementary Education, where she became a full time teacher. Clynie also holds a Master of Degree in Administration Education. She enjoyed helping kids to learn and work toward building a strong foundation in education that would carry and support them through elementary, middle, high school and college. During Clynie’s career of teaching, she taught in grades preschool through sixth grades. She spent most of her years teaching in second and third grades. Clynie felt that helping these students to master the skills in these grade levels were of great significance and played an important part in building a strong and efficient foundation in their education. Clynie loved teaching and helping kids to reach their greatest potential in education. Clynie’s career as a teacher in Elementary Education lasted for 37 years. After retirement, Clynie’s goals are to continue helping parents and their children in education through her public speaking and writing of educational books. Clynie wants to help parents learn and become knowledgeable of how to help educate their children in the 20th Century. Clynie is married and has three adult children and four grandchildren. The youngest grandchild is a five year old boy, whom Clynie helped to parent for three years. This experience enhanced her parenting skills and made her more knowledgeable in child development. Clynie is dedicating her book, How to Educate Your Children in the 20th. Century, to her family and friends and a special dedication to her five year old grandson whom, Clynie helped to parent for three years. Clynie is also dedicating her book to her non-profit foundation, CHF. This organization was founded and developed by Clynie in order to help children who are in need of mentoring and counseling. One of the goals of this organization is to empower and help our youth to establish their potential in life and work hard at making their dreams come true.


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