Lilly’s Day Coping with Autism by Bethany Stoots

With her personal experiences of living every day with Autism, author Bethany Stoots hopes to help fellow Autistic individuals and those caring for these Autistic people by sharing this new picture book. With illustrations by Sydney Truesdail, “Lilly’s Day Coping with Autism” follows the story of a little girl who has Autism and she copes with her day-to-day activities.

The author invites everyone to understand the challenges that a little girl has to face daily while she copes with her disability. Lilly has sensory overload disorder. She cannot be around loud noises, flashing lights, crowds, or stressful situations. This causes her daily life to look slightly different than most. And this picture book allows readers to see how a day in Lilly’s life looks.

This book is a great aid for parents, guardians and teachers who live with or care for individuals with Autism. This is also a good read for Autistic people to show them that they are not alone and that it’s possible to do anything.

Hello, my name is Bethany Stoots, I am passionate about playing the flute, volunteering in my community, and being part of Girl Scouts. However, people thought I would never be able to accomplish any of these activities because of having a disability. I was diagnosed with Autism when I was a year and a half old. Growing up this has brought on many hardships such as not always feeling understood and being bullied by my peers. My goal by writing this book is to make Autism easier for the younger generation to understand. And for Autistic people to know that they are not alone with what they are going through   and that they can accomplish anything.

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