Hydrocarbon Man Memoirs of a 20th-Century Oil Business Executive: Experience the Age of Energy from an Oil Executive’s View—One Who Has Witnessed the Trials … of an Industry Fueling Our Lives by Ronald Goodman Nelson

Ronald G. Nelson grew up on a central Minnesota dairy farm, is a Petroleum Engineer and holds a B.S. and M.S. from the University of Minnesota. Mr. Nelson’s career spanned many countries and major oil field production areas, including Libya, the North Sea and various US oil and natural gas fields. He has previously had articles published in periodicals such as The Petroleum Journal, and The Oil and Gas Journal. 

He was an early proponent of using “Tension Leg Oil Platforms” in the North Sea, an idea that was eventually adopted almost universally by the UK, The Netherlands and Norway for producing oil from deep sea fields in the North Sea and many other areas of the world. Prior to the development of the Hutton Field in the North Sea, the UK was almost entirely reliant on its coal mines and Middle East oil for its energy, but became a net exporter of oil after it learned how exploit its North Sea Fields using Tension Leg Platform concepts.

 He also pioneered some now common techniques for increasing oil field production by injecting chemicals to extend the life an oil producing areas and therefore increasing the amount of oil that could be produced from those fields, often by more than 20%



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