Claim Your Victory Over a Stressful Lifestyle TODAY

Who is not under stress these days? From concerns about Covid-variants, to inflation, to health and healing issues, to lacking faith and confidence or feeling depressed, to making ends meet each month, to looking older and flabbier by the week, to squabbles with family or employees/bosses — learning to manage stress is more important than ever before. Our guest today, motivational speaker, frequent radio/TV talk show guest and author of many books, Susan Smith Jones, PhD, says that too much unmanaged stress can sabotage even the best of health intentions and put you at greater risk for disease and mental health issues. In her latest book, UPLIFTED, she says it’s impossible to heal your body and create vibrant health if you are always stressed out. Chronic stress, she writes, plays havoc on the entire today.”. Today, Susan will tell us how to master our daily stressors more mindfully and effectively, and how to create more joy and balance. What an important topic these days! Welcome Susan.

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