No Time to Waste: Microbehaviors: Leveraging the Little Things to Become a Better Leader by Artell Smith

Each day we go through our routines, whether at work or home, exhibiting micro-bursts of behavior. Often we give little or no thought to these micro-bursts. We answer questions, request help, provide direction, offer counsel & advice, talk to family, friends & colleagues, encounter strangers, and so on. Some of our micro-behaviors hit exactly as we intend—positive, development, empathetic, and affirming. Some of our micro-behaviors stray off the mark—negative, draining, uncaring, and destructive. Where do these micro-behaviors come from? How can we better control them? No Time to Waste: A Guide to Your Micro-Behaviors, lays out practical strategies to help you put your best self forward, creating the right dynamic, and honoring the people around you. Learning how to calibrate your micro-behaviors will result in better relationships overall, with the added benefit of driving performance in an organization setting. You can’t afford to waste your time, or those of the people around you. Understanding and managing your micro-behaviors will be a game-changer for you.

Artell Smith is Principal and Managing Director of WatchWorks Management Consulting LLC, and Adjunct Instructor at the Center for Professional and Executive Development, University of Wisconsin Madison, School of Business, where he facilitates classes for managers, leaders, and executives. Artell has worked for several industry leaders in senior human resources and talent management positions over the course of his nearly 40 years in business, including assignments as Chief Human Resources Officer, Chief Talent Officer, and Chief Learning Officer.

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