Jasmin Dennis on becoming physically, spiritually and financially independent.

I have worked as an employee and have held most major titles in the business World from Administrator to Ceo. Rising in the ranks of the corporate world was very easy for me, however, deep down I knew something was missing. I did not like the routine of the job and in many cases I was not even excited to open my paycheck every two weeks; not because I was not grateful but because It was the same dollar amount week in and week out and to be honest, many times all of it would be spent on my obligations before it was in my hand.

One day, I took the advice of my boss ” to go out there” as he so aptly put it to find myself. He also told me that if it did not work out for me, my “Job” would always be here waiting for me.

Well, off I went, on a journey that tested me to the core, however, during that time, I discovered that I had a deep rooted passion to help people become their best selves, physically, spiritually and of course financially independent.

I went on to develop, co-own and manage many fitness facilities and wellness centers from the ground up .When the Professional Athlete I was working with, retired from his sport and the fitness world, I decided to give the Real estate World a try and have been working in Real Estate Field.

Both opportunities gave me a chance to make fair amount of money per year.. a little more than before and also allowed me to help others to a degree but I still wasn’t fully were I needed to be and where I knew I could be. My true destiny!

Last Summer, a trusted friend and fellow Realtor, introduced me to Visi. I listened to the Visi Story and instantly knew that this was the next piece of the puzzle. Visi is the vehicle that helped me achieve one of my life’s true goal.. and that is to help others become healthy, wealthy and financially free . The products are life altering, the company is financially solid and the experience of the Corporate Team adds up to more than 100 years.

In addition to being the solution to my career goals I have seen a major difference in my fitness level for the better, I am stronger, I sleep much better and I have lost an amazing 25 lbs in a matter of months. I have received many bonuses, I have traveled many times, and this July, I have take an amazing Scandinavian cruise to witness first hand where Visi’s Scandinavian ingredients and first to market Artic cloudberry originates from. To date customers are experiencing the same great results with the Visi Products. Our first ever chewable Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein chew, Probita and our Hydrolyzed Collagen Lifestyle Smoothie, Nufinna are certified clean for Elite Athletes and Fitness Professionals by the BSCG (Banned Substance Control Group).

My Visi Partners form a dynamic, forward thinking and committed team that anyone would be proud and happy to become a part of. I wake up excited everyday healthy, ready and willing to share the Visi Story.

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life…. Steve Jobs


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