KITCHEN GARDENING: Rejuvenate with Sprouts The ABCs of Sprouts & Growing Them in Your Kitchen

No one would expect that UFOs and one-night stands would come up in a discussion about growing your own organic food right in your kitchen for pennies. But then again with Dr. Susan Smith Jones as our guest, you need to expect the unexpected as well as the delightful, the informative and the intelligent advice that she routinely dispenses about living a healthy life. Known in America as The Sprout Lady, Dr. Susan has been a guest on more than 2,500 radio and TV talk shows worldwide — enthusiastically teaching others how to create vibrant health. Susan reminds everyone “… health comes from the farm, not the pharmacy.” 
Today, Susan will talk to us about the health benefits of sprouts; why they promote weight loss and help reverse aging; how to grow them easily in your kitchen for pennies, the importance of eating more nutrient-rich, colorful plant-based foods, and so much more.
Everything we discuss today can be found in much more detail in her new book which is available at Amazon and also her website in 5 different formats, including an autographed copy by Susan with a note card and bookmark. You can read the entire Foreword and Afterword for the book, as well as view a Sampler of the contents, on Susan’s website.


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