Leadership: The Warrior’s Art : Second Edition by Christopher D. Kolenda

The late Lt. General Harold Moore (USA, Ret.) said it’s the “absolute best book on military leadership in peace and war.” This book is for military leaders who want to inspire their teams to achieve their best in combat and peacetime.

This wide-ranging anthology brings together noted military minds as they examine the crucial role of leadership in combat, relate the lessons learned, and apply the principles to the stressful world of business. The book covers classic and modern concepts of leadership and uses case studies from Alexander the Great through post-9/11 wars to illustrate the principles of leadership in concrete historical contexts.

The most important, most penetrating analysis of military leadership to emerge in a generation, this seminal work features leaders of the armed forces as they learn from the past and present and look toward the future. This edition is fully updated with inclusive language and chapters that speak to leading in a diverse world and organized with summary points for each chapter for a quick overview of essentials.

Christopher Kolenda is a graduate of West Point, former West Point instructor, retired Army officer, and founder of Strategic Leader’s Academy. He served four tours of duty in Afghanistan and was a senior advisor to three 4-star commanders and two undersecretaries of defense. He was awarded the department of defense’s highest civilian award and earned his PhD at King’s College in London. He lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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