The Superpowers of Introverts: HOW TO LIVE YOUR LIFE YOUR WAY – WITHOUT THE GUILT by Karen M. Caito

Do you long to change how you and others perceive yourself? Have you been told you’re too shy and quiet or that you need to get out more? Have you been made to feel as if something is wrong with you? 

The wait is over. The Superpowers of Introverts aims to help you to realize that you’re OK and to guide you to take advantage of your hidden superpowers. You’re an introvert, and you should be proud of that. Your purpose is to honor your special gifts and share them. The world is waiting and needs you.

 Create your best life with actionable strategies that work and inspiring stories of introverts like you. Motivate yourself to take action and finally navigate your life your way, without the guilt. 

Discover the six most common superpowers that come naturally to introverts, and capitalize on them to become the person you really are. Learn to make your introversion work for you once and for all. 

Written from an introvert’s perspective, this guide offers introverts a way to turn their quiet strengths into limitless superpowers while embracing the people they are meant to be.

Karen M. Caito, CPC, ELI-MP, is a confidence and career coach and is known as the “Confidence Coach for Introverts.” She holds a BS in Marketing and a minor in Communications from Rochester Institute of Technology and has spent over thirty years in the pharmaceutical sales industry and brings her knowledge of the strengths and challenges introverts face in the working environment. She has coached introverts through one-on-one, groups, and her “Journey Within” coaching program. Karen has contributed to the book, “Communication Toolkit for Introverts,” and edited the book, “Job Interview Success for Introverts.” She specializes in activating change for introverts to leverage their natural skills to find their true passion, to increase confidence so they can excel and thrive in an extroverted world, all while remaining authentic.

Karen resides in the Finger Lakes of NYS in Painted Post and has four adult children, all introverts. She enjoys physical fitness, the ocean, and growing pumpkins.

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