Living from Within: A Tribute to Love and Happiness by EJ Seals-Jackson

The path to spiritual enlightenment is not for the faint of heart and takes much longer than we imagine. The good news is that when we change how we look at our lives and learn to live from within, we can end all our suffering and free ourselves to embrace the absolute freedom we came here to experience.
In a guide to spiritual growth and development, EJ Seals-Jackson shares insight from her own journey as well as wisdom from amazing teachers who have traveled through the dark night of the soul to emerge as powerful spiritual guides who are passionate about helping others settle into the flow of happiness. With a focus on living from within, Seals-Jackson guides us to:
explore the secret to happiness;
close the gap between negative and positive emotions;
customize our lives according to our own design;
refrain from activities that distract us;
change the way we look at things; and
ensure the emotional health of our children.
Living from Within shares insight and wisdom from spiritual teachers that invite us to tap into the happiness that is already within us.

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