MICHAEL’S PLACE by Gerald Myers

​Michael’s Place is a coming-of-age tale where innocence meets corruption, safety confronts peril, and friendship copes with betrayal. It is the story of two adolescents from different worlds who meet and bond, only to have their connection severed by jealousy, deceit, and perfidy. It is only while reconnecting during adulthood that they have an opportunity to rediscover the trust and affection that had once characterized their unique relationship. The work has also been crafted into stirring screenplay by Missouri native Jerry Rapp, entitled Not by Blood.

Gerald Myers, a Philadelphia native who, after practicing clinical cardiology in Pittsburgh, Pa for over 20 years, at the start of the new millennium, heeded the call of the Rocky Mountains and relocated to the Vail Valley in Colorado. Although continuing his occupation as a full time cardiologist, his passion for writing came to fruition with the publication of his first novel, Muted Colors in the spring of 2001. Eight years later this critically acclaimed work was adapted into a suspenseful screenplay and revised as The Heart of Rose. Both in the interim, and since, Dr. Myers has gone to pen five other works of fiction, two coming of age novels, The Other Side of Innocence and Michael’s Place, a historical thriller, Lethal Legacy, a psychological thriller, The Song of the Siren and most recently, a very personal fictionalized memoir, The Flight of the Peacock. A proud member of the Baby Boomer generation Dr. Myers, with his wife, Renee, continues to live, work and play in Edwards, Colorado.

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