Love Letters from the Marine Wolf: A US Hospital and Transport Ship, an Army Medic Afloat, and a War Bride in World War II by Michele Makros

A timepiece World War II biography of the US hospital and transport ship SS Marine Wolf told through the lens of love between Ship’s Complement Surgical Technician Michael Makros Jr. and his homefront warbride Maria. “Love Letters from the Marine Wolf” has been described as a Titanic love story, only better: the lovers are real people (the author’s parents) and the ship doesn’t sink! The book includes testimonials from more than 20 crew, which the author interviewed personally. Their testimonials take history below deck to find the resplendent human experience of a wartime ship at sea.

 Michele Makros is a retired advertising agency executive from Akron, Ohio. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Kent State University. After years of writing ad jargon and designing ad campaigns, she put her talents to work on not only writing, but also designing “Love Letters from the Marine Wolf.” She is now living in Colquitt, Georgia where she enjoys her hobby as a beekeeper.,aps,152&sr=1-3&sres=152468984X,1496419847,1450874770,1641521813&srpt=ABIS_BOOK

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