Health Benefits of Kindness with Susan Smith Jones, PhD

You’ve heard the uplifting stories: Passersby dropping scads of cash into charity collection buckets or anonymous donors paying off hospital bills for strangers. People helping victims during storms and natural disasters. Or the simple act of someone bringing food to an elderly, sick neighbor or taking care of their garden while they recuperate. These acts of kindness make everybody feel good. But did you know that there’s a science behind that phenomenon called “loving kindness.” And research shows that learning and practicing loving kindness can profoundly affect your attitude, outlook and even your health. Better yet, you can rewire your brain to be more present and kinder to others, giving your mood a daily boost. According to our guest today, Susan Smith Jones, PhD, a holistic health and lifestyle expert and author, random acts of kindness bless both the giver and the receiver. She will tell us why kindness should be a year-long practice.

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