NINETY DAYS by Chyenne Daley

This book is a collection of poems that will take the reader through the journey of love and heartbreak. Ninety days is a personal look at the events that have scarred and inspired the author. The collection attempts to capture the nuances of love, and some of the hardships that come with shattered relationships. Ninety days is separated into six sections: Attraction, Intimacy, Uncertainty, Betrayal, Nostalgia, and Healing. These sections highlight the journey towards self-love and wholeness. Join the author on this voyage of exploration.
Chyenne Daley, LMSW, is a licensed social worker, writer, and travel enthusiast. Chyenne lived in Seville, Spain for several months, which contributed to her passion for travel. During her graduate studies she traveled to Senegal, Africa where she conducted a need based assessment for mental health services. She is also passionate about social justice issues such as, the mental health disparities in the black community. Her long-term goal is to open her own practice as a psychotherapist. Specifically, she’s interested in providing better access to psychiatrist services in underserved communities. This is her second book. She lives in Westchester, New York.

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