MOANA: 118,000 MILE ODYSSEY TO THE WORLD’S MOST REMOTE PLACES by Lew Maurer This is a story of the sea, a young family, and a dream!

Through the eyes of the captain, comes the story of Moana. When two loving parents are unafraid to take their children on an adventure that will shape them forever, they find beauty and drama at the far reaches of the earth. This is a real story of real people in faraway lands.In a saga stretching from islands offshore Cuba and Venezuela, to the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean, from the icebergs of Alaska to the South Pacific, and Marlboro Sounds of New Zealand, the reader learns of the endless challenges of open ocean cruising. Terrible weather, disease, hostile governments, strange cultures, and frightening situations are experienced.
Growing up on fishing boats, Lew Maurer has spent his entire life on the water, repairing, building, and operating commercial and pleasure vessels all over the world. This depth of knowledge and experience gave him the ability to build and captain “Moana” a very special, longrange power catamaran. His love affair with the sea is tangible as he describes in authentic detail, his fifteen-year odyssey to the most remote places on our planet. He calls San Diego home…when he is home.  For more information visit,

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