“Nightclub on Elm Tree” by Joan Cimaglia

Written as a poem in four-line stanzas, the story is about the multitude of memorable characters that retreat to the their hot spot in the elm tree where they can let their hair down and live the lush life together.

Miss Spider, a veteran of the tree, narrates most of the story during her encounter with Mr. Owl, a newcomer, as she introduces him to each of the characters, while adding her spin on the story behind them. From the loopy hummingbirds and flamboyant dragonflies to the holy praying mantis and ominous hawk, we get a glimpse of each personality that colors the tree with their own uniqueness.

The story poem is intended to open up minds of young readers, allowing them to unleash their imagination and arrive at their own interpretation of content, characters and social messages.


Joan works for Corporate America but enjoys writing about fantasy and fiction in her spare time. She loves books, nature, poetry, the ballet, her surrogate cockapoo, Daisy, and the sense of ridiculous. Her stories and poems are inspired by the simple beauty of her surroundings and the subtle humor of everyday living.

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