“The Swede” by R.W. Nichelson

The 5th SS was an elite German fighting unit of the fearsome Waffen SS consisting of volunteers from all over Northern Europe. Though they suffered terrible casualties in the bloody combat on the Eastern Front, they were well known for their courage and dedication in battle. This is the story of Hans Gruber and Sven Eriksson, two volunteers from Sweden in the Wiking SS. Their lives, their loves and the horrors of war.

Robert Nichelson is a U.S. Army infantry veteran. Freelance writer, collector and researcher of the Waffen SS and has an unquenchable passion for military history. Robert has written several proprietary manuals including subjects in research and development and instruction manuals for the aerospace industry. Robert is degreed in Parks Management and in Natural resources from Green River College and holds a B.S. in Business Management from the University of Phoenix. Robert is an avid outdoorsman and adventurer currently residing in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains on Shady Lake in Washington State.


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