Nothing is too strange or spooky in the suspenseful finale of Salem, Sunday June 28th at 10pm ET/9 CT on WGN America. Ric talks with Star Seth Gabel

Versatile young actor Seth Gabel is best known for his roles on FOX’s Fringe and Nip/Tuck. He also appeared in The Da Vinci Code, directed by his father-in-law Ron Howard.

In WGN America’s drama Salem, Gabel stars as hard-drinking, prostitute-loving Cotton Mather, a reverend who is trying to do the right thing. Salem is a bold re-imagination of the infamous 17th century witch trials in colonial Massachusetts. Season two of Salem returned at the dawn of a Witch War, and the town’s ruthless leading witch, Mary Sibley (Janet Montgomery), had just completed a legendary supernatural ritual that unleashed a devastating plague on the unsuspecting citizens of Salem. As death and disease spread through the war-torn village, Mary faced off against adversaries old and new, from within Salem and beyond, who were vying for her throne. Now, with the stakes higher than ever in the battle over Salem, Mary and her former love John Alden have joined forces in a common cause – rescuing their son.

As the final countdown begins, will they be able to save the boy from a deadly enemy – and an unspeakable fate?

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