“Once Upon a Time: A Children’s Story” by Barbara Cavanagh

The book traces the birth of a baby boy, and tells a narrative about how he grew up, in the days before there were shops, cars, planes and trains, to care about those who were poor, needy and ill, and how the rest of us should share our resources with those less fortunate. I was inspired to write this because I was talking to my daughter about simple ways to discuss good moral values with my young grandchildren. We could find nothing suitable in book stores.

About Barbara Cavanagh

I am a high school English teacher as well as Special Education Teacher. I have taught in numerous schools in Queensland, city and country for the past 28 years, I live in Brisbane, Queensland, with my husband Len. We have Five children two grand children and another two on the way. My previous published works have been of the academic genre. In my spare time, I embrace water sports, including sailing. A passionate gardener, I am devoted to having an abundance of colour in my garden all year round. I try to read at least two books a week, my favourite genre being psychological thrillers and historical biographies

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