This Thanksgiving Season say, THANK YOU!

Throughout the month of November, Discovery Family Channel’s Project Thank You calls on all of us to acknowledge and appreciate someone who has been influential in our life. The original series, Lost & Found with Mike & Jesse sets the tone for the full month of gratitude-focused programming. Lost & Found airs Wednesdays at 10pm ET/ 7pm PT on Discovery Family

Ever wanted to go back and thank someone—a parent, a teacher or a friend? Professional finders, Mike Schario and Jesse Brown help people do just that. The two friends own “Finders Keepers,” an Ohio based “weird-tique” shop filled to the brim with pop culture memorabilia from the past 50 years—and on the side are also veritable treasure hunters hired to track down long lost, but much loved, items.

In this eight-part series, Mike and Jesse leave no stone unturned as they take their expertise on the road to help families across America find a lost or significant personal item for the purpose of saying thank you to the influential people in their lives. Lost & Found With Mike & Jesse follows Mike and Jesse as they go to extremes to help families show gratitude, provide closure, and bring back cherished memories.

Born to be finders, best friends Mike and Jesse each grew up with a keen talent for finding lost objects—Mike worked alongside his uncle at the Cleveland Municipal Stadium’s lost and found department, while Jesse would hide and search for buried treasures in his grandmother’s backyard. Coworkers and friends for several years—and with their mutual interest discovered—the two opened Finders Keepers in 2012.

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