Do you want to get more out of your Pickleball game…and life itself? Then get to the heart of what it really means to live and play well. Find yourself noticing and appreciating more than ever before with a growth mindset that improves performance and well-being. Free yourself from self-doubt and take on the joyful challenge of bringing your best, happiest self out to play every day. Funny and wise, Pickleball & The Art of Living invites you to actually enjoy the process of improvement and personal growth.

  • “A fun and inspiring read!” – Jennifer Dawson, US Open Pickleball Triple Crown Winner

This debut offering from successful entrepreneur, world traveler, and Pickleball enthusiast, Mike Branon, shares the secrets of how to infuse your days with passion and purpose on and off the court. From sports psychology to relationships to spirituality, Mike digs into the good stuff. Irreverent and light-hearted, this book takes you on a journey that lifts you up and makes you think.
If you are looking to play better and savor every day, come along! Find out why one of the fastest growing sports in the world is also one of the best ways to find competition, connection and lifelong friendships. Game on!

  • “I admire Mike’s casual genius. If you love chuckling, having your heart opened, and being inspired to be your very best self, then read this book!” – Eric Kaufman, Author, Four Virtues of a Leader and Leadership Breakdown

Mike Branon walked away from business success and retired at age 40 to explore the art of living. Having traveled the world, raised a family, worked with many nonprofit organizations, studied philosophy and explored Buddhism, Mike decided to turn his lifelong love of sports to playing and teaching pickleball. He likes dogs, bourbon and long walks on the beach. He really likes playing pickleball after a long walk on the beach drinking bourbon with his dog.https://www.mikebranon.com/https://www.amazon.com/Pickleball-Art-Living-Positive-Dinking-ebook/dp/B08Q2KBBBG/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=mike+branon+pickleball&qid=1608523626&sr=8-5

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