Remembering Our Black Trailblazers and Their Legacies by Barbara A. Pierce

The purpose of this book of brief biographies is to keep the memory of our black trailblazers alive, and to inspire further research on these extraordinary individuals.
In spite of the racial divide and the negative sentiments that existed during their time, they pursued a path that improved the dire circumstances of many. It often came at a cost, nevertheless, adversity fueled their determination to make a difference. Their brave actions and significant contributions changed the course of history. The men and women mentioned in this book are but a fraction of those that were instrumental in bringing about that change.

About Barbara Pierce

I was born in Memphis, Tennessee where I lived until moving to New York City at the age of eleven years old. After attending three years of junior high school in the city, my family and I moved to Mount Vemon, New York where I attend high school for three years also. Immediately after graduation, I became a telephone operator for two and a half years before entering college in Pennsylvania. Upon recieving a degree in education, I began my career as an elementary school teacher in Mount Vemon, New York that lasted for thirty-five years. It was during that time I pursued and earned a Master’s Degree in education and reading. Since retiring in 2003, I have worked as a substitute teacher and a volunteer in the same school system. I have also written ten books and has appeared in Who’s Who in American Education Publications.

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