Revisit the Case that Captivated the Country: Casey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery Debuts April 9th at 10pm ET/PT on Investigation Discovery

Investigative Reporter Steph Watts Goes In-Depth to Shed New Light on this Controversial and Tragic Case in a Three Night Television Special on ID

Casey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery is much more than an expose into one of the biggest murder mysteries in recent history, it’s a definitive and revelatory look inside the epic case that delivered more twists and turns than any Hollywood blockbuster and riveted the nation.

On July 15, 2008, Orlando police dispatchers receive a bizarre and stunning 9-1-1 call. The caller, Cindy Anthony, is frantic – her granddaughter has been missing for more than one month. Desperate to locate two-year-old grand-daughter, Caylee, police begin an intense investigation… but authorities cannot overlook a key player in the case, Caylee’s own 22-year-old mother, Casey.

Leading true crime network Investigation Discovery (ID), with reporter Steph Watts at the helm, takes viewers deep inside the investigation into the murder of Caylee Anthony to shed new light on this tragic crime and shocking verdict. The three-night television event, beginning Sunday, April 9th, opens the explosive case to reexamine the key players, puzzling actions and questionable motives behind one of the most captivating and controversial cases of all-time.

Steph Watts is an investigative journalist specializing in unique and compelling True Crime and Justice Television with an emphasis on missing persons cases, unsolved murders, cold cases and high profile crimes. Steph began his career at Court TV. Throughout his career, he has covered high profile stories such as OJ Simpson’s trial, Natalee Holloway’s disappearance, Anna Nicole Smith’s investigation, and Casey Anthony’s trial for multiple major news networks. With a firm understanding of the law and the justice system, Steph is the go-to-guy for crime and justice and a known voice for the missing, murdered and misunderstood.

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