Robert E. Martell and Showdown in the Pacific War

Nimitz and Yamamoto
Using the literary devise of a fictional meeting of two high-ranking officers who served on the staffs of Nimitz and Yamamoto, Ronald E. Martell’s Showdown in the Pacific War allows readers to come to know the men engaged in the momentous events of the war, especially those who planned and directed the war’s first battles on land, at sea and in the air.
Historically accurate, this eye-opening read focuses on the character and motivation of those engaged in the war in the Pacific while presenting, in an even-handed fashion, the historical events written with the attention to detail required in explaining military history accurately, yet in an easy to read form.

Ronald E. Martell was born on July 31, 1936, and attended public schools in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and the University of Minnesota, obtaining an undergraduate Bachelor of Science degree and a Juris Doctorate degree, cum laude, in 1960, and had a general law practice for nearly six years. Martell then mainly practiced in the field of construction law and related subjects and served as a mediator and arbitrator in construction related disputes until his retirement in 2014. He served as a Special Hearing Officer for the U.S. Department of Justice hearing conscientious objector claims during the Vietnam War, and held positions in both the American and Minnesota Bar Associations, as well as, in peer selected organizations related to litigation and construction law.
Martell is married, has two daughters and one son and has lived in Minnesota all his life, except for some winter months spent in Florida. He has many interests including hunting, fishing, traveling and reading the history of World War II in both Europe and the Pacific. His interest in nature photography led to having photos on two magazine covers. For a time, he had a part-time stamp business that led to serving as an expert for the American Philatelic Society authenticating several specific stamps as genuine or forgeries.

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