Starring in a Brand New Traumedy: Tig Notaro The Comedienne’s Real Life is the Inspiration for One Mississippi. She joins Ric on This Week in America

Tig writes, produces and stars in Amazon Prime’s One Mississippi, a traumedy inspired by her own life. We find Tig as she leaves Los Angeles and returns to her hometown in Mississippi upon her mother’s untimely death. What starts as Tig reconciling her mother’s affairs becomes a poignant, hilarious and surprising exploration of family, childhood and life after grief.

Tig stars as a radio host in Los Angeles who returns to her childhood hometown of Bay St. Lucille, Mississippi. Living with her stepfather, Bill, Tig copes with the unexpected death of her mother, Caroline, the person who understood her best. Reeling from her own recently declining health, Tig is thrown back into small town life. She must navigate complicated relationships with Bill and her brother, Remy, while continuing to explore her increasingly complicated memory of Caroline. Tig’s stepfather, Bill, is played by John Rothman. Bill is a stoic businessman at a frozen foods company. Bill’s emotions have always ranged from “room temperature to sleet” – unless he’s caring for his beloved cat, Bonkerz. Following the death of his wife, Caroline, Bill’s impassivity clashes with Tig’s essential need to grieve for her mother. Noah Harpster co-stars as Tig’s brother.

Tig has a recurring role as Barb on the Emmy®-Award winning series Transparent. She has appeared in the series’ of fellow comediennes, The Sarah Silverman Program and Inside Amy Schumer. Her eagerly anticipated memoir, I’m Just a Person, was published this summer. Notaro’s HBO stand- up special, Boyish Girl Interrupted, and the Netflix documentary simply entitled Notaro, premiered to critical acclaim and both are available for streaming.

In 2013, Notaro was nominated for a Grammy® Award for her sophomore release, Live, which sold more than 100,000 units in 6 short weeks. Live is a stand-up set delivered just days after Notaro was diagnosed with invasive bi-lateral breast cancer. She has since announced her cancer to be in remission. Notaro remains a favorite on Conan and This American Life. She enjoys bird watching with her wife at their home in Los Angeles.
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