Timed to the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek, a New TV Special, Building Star Trek, Looks at the Show’s Lasting Influence and its Impact on Today’s Science and Technology Premiering on Smithsonian Channel Executive Producer Elliott Halpern Joins Ric to Discuss the Current State of Real Technologies First Conceived on the Show Including Warp Drives, Medical Tricorders, Cloaking Devices and Tractor Beams

When Star Trek first debuted on September 8, 1966, the world was introduced to a number of alien concepts, such as hand-held communication devices, desktop computers, space shuttles, and touch screens — technologies that we take for granted today. Meanwhile, a new generation of engineers and scientists are continuing to make Star Trek’s visionary technology real, pushing the boundaries of physics with inventions first conceived on the show such as warp drives, medical tricorders, cloaking devices and tractor beams.

Smithsonian Channel will celebrate the 50th anniversary of Star Trek with Building Star Trek, a two-hour special that examines the lasting influence the iconic series had on the world, including new scientific innovations and technologies that were inspired by the show. The show also features cast members from the original series and new movies including Nichelle Nichols, Karl Urban and Simon Pegg.

To discuss the impact of Star Trek on today’s world and the amazing new technologies it has inspired with Ric is Building Star Trek Executive Producer Elliott Halpern. As the owner and creative director of yap films, Elliott has produced, written and/or directed many award-winning films, including Deadly Currents, The Selling of Innocents, and Hollywoodism: Jews Movies and the American Dream. Among his numerous awards are two Emmy® Awards for Investigative Journalism, multiple Gemini Awards, a Genie Award, and the Columbia-Dupont Award of the Columbia University School of Journalism.


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